Muncie Casting Corporation

High quality iron and aluminum castings, short production runs and rapid turn around of your complex prototypes are our speciality.

Working directlty with our engineering and manufacturing teams we can respond to your changes in design rapidly.


Let us show you how we can reduce the design requiremetns of your parts, the material used, the necessary tool costs and shorten your time to market.

Our value-added services solve all your needs. Heat treatment, surfacing, testing, and assembly. Reducing the cost and time needed to make your part.

We can use your labels and seals to drop ship your order anywhere in the world.

When you're proud of the quality of your parts, the proof is in the inspection report. Coordinate Measurement Machines that are programmed with exact part specifications and tolerances, either manually built or done via model or diagram and temperature and humidity are used to measure each part. Once the program is in place the computer takes over and scans parts automatically using Direct Computer Control. Eliminating repetitive, intermittent, and operator errors. Each Part comes with a complete 3D model report with inspection points and their associated telemetry. If a part fails, it gets rejected immediately and goes back through the engineering process where we determine exactly why and how it failed. We can then immediately respond to the issue and continue production with the problem resolved.

Our manufacturing processes conform to specific, tested and proven methods, procedures and batches. It's these tough and rigorous standards that allow us to exceed even the toughest standards when it comes to your parts. During our manufacturing process we blend each pour or "heat" and pull samples to test until the test results are perfect. Each of our sample "coupons" are marked for identification and tested for gas levels and chemical analysis. Every part manufactured can be identified thoroughly, from the tools and patterns, the molds and assembly, cores, operators and shifts, the furnaces and batch number and ingredients.

During our inspection process we subject parts to many different types of tests. Pressure testing and impregnation testing, Brinell hardness tests all combined with the CMM inspection guarantee a quality part. Knowing that you will get the parts you need, with the reliability and performance you demand, lets us help you reduce costs, eliminate waste knowing that you're also helping the environment with our own Green Initiative.