Muncie Casting Corporation

High quality iron and aluminum castings, short production runs and rapid turn around of your complex prototypes are our speciality.

Working directlty with our engineering and manufacturing teams we can respond to your changes in design rapidly.


Let us show you how we can reduce the design requiremetns of your parts, the material used, the necessary tool costs and shorten your time to market.

Our value-added services solve all your needs. Heat treatment, surfacing, testing, and assembly. Reducing the cost and time needed to make your part.

We can use your labels and seals to drop ship your order anywhere in the world.

When you manufacture parts with quality in mind, you're able to produce many that work great right out of the mold. Some needing only a little cleaning before being used and others a little more. Most parts, however require some type of machining process to work correctly. The process can be simple like cleaning a surface for seating a gasket, boring a hole for a guide pin or even just making sure the outer edge of a part has no burrs. The process can also be extremely difficult.

Many parts contain advanced and complex geometry and surfaces, profiles or precision orifices and undercuts. This type of machining requires the know-how and power of computers, highly integrated software-machining solutions clear down to accurate optical systems that monitor the physical size of the tools being used on the machines.