Muncie Casting Corporation

High quality iron and aluminum castings, short production runs and rapid turn around of your complex prototypes are our speciality.

Working directlty with our engineering and manufacturing teams we can respond to your changes in design rapidly.


Let us show you how we can reduce the design requiremetns of your parts, the material used, the necessary tool costs and shorten your time to market.

Our value-added services solve all your needs. Heat treatment, surfacing, testing, and assembly. Reducing the cost and time needed to make your part.

We can use your labels and seals to drop ship your order anywhere in the world.

We build all the tools and make all the cores we use in-house. This improves the quality and consistency of the cores, regardless of the material the cores are made from, but it also increases the life span of the tools and reduces labor through the use of automated, programmable production machines. These important advantages are the key to making great quality castings that are affordable.

So if your tool requires no core, a solid or shell core, ISO cure core, foam core or even a metallic core we have got you covered. We will design and produce the cores ourselves so you can rest assured that you will be getting the best casting possible.

Making and having the best tools and components necessary for every job gives us the ability to process each part, giving the necessary time each cast requires, to provide the best part possible on the first pour and every pour after.

We also use the latest in chemical technology. Applying the correct coating or applicant can be the difference between a ruined tool or ruined mold and a fresh tool ready to be used and a mold that is solid and reliable. Good tools are important in extracting molds that do not contain material voids, excessive chemicals that can gas into a pour as it cools or simple cracks and chips, parting lines (fins) and warped areas. It's so important that we even maintain the temperature and humidity of the tools during the manufacturing process. In the most extreme cases, parts can be damaged even before they are made by simply mishandling the molds, whether they are extracted from a tool, placed into tooling or being handled by tooling. Careful handling and control is important in every part of the process.

Combining the speed and accuracy of CNC cut tooling with the powerful know-how through years of education and experience we pride ourselves on producing the best castings you can get in the industry. And our pride shows with each consecutive part you receive.

Temperature control, alloy selection and additives come together to create a perfect metal bath. Using digitally controlled furnaces, exacting pour parameter controls and pour timing we are able to produce consistent metal that, certified through our spectrographic analysis lab, guarantees your specified performance requirements.

By utilizing our value-added process such as heat treating and surfacing treatments like sand blasting and shot blasting, it's easy and affordable for you to get the quality finishes and hardness you need. Giving you the peace of mind knowing your parts will last and perform reliably, day after day, in the real world and under the tough conditions hard to reproduce in a lab or rapid aging apparatus.